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September 12, 2014

Tip A Teacher Night at Texas Roadhouse

TIP-A-TEACHER NIGHT…Coming soon with Bethel teachers!Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 10th for this event and bring the whole family for dinner. Teachers will be serving and tips will go to the Bethel PTO Playground Fund.

Servers will include Mrs. Frey, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Worman, Mrs. McElroy, Mrs. Parrish, Mrs. Manson, Mrs. Roll, Mrs. Boyer, Miss Wolford, Miss Petty and Mrs. Meyer!

The link below will take you to the first “What’s the Buzz” newsletter put out by the elementary principal to keep parents informed about Bethel Elementary. 

September 5, 2014

It is our intent to build an email listing that will allow us to send this newsletter to our elementary parents on a weekly basis as a more personal approach to keeping you updated.

The Entertainment Book Fundraiser is coming to an end next week!There is only one week left of the sale and we will be firm on the ending date of the sale this year.

Thursday, September 11th is the last turn in/processing day. Any orders that are 5 books or over will need to be picked up next Thursday the 11th in the cafeteria from 4-6 PM. Orders of 4 books or less will be sent home with the students

Entertainment Books Go On Sale Monday

Bethel Elementary will be selling the 2014 – 2015 Entertainment Books starting Monday, August 25th.  More information about the Grand Prize Columbus Zoo family pack, how your child can help with duct taping Miss Petty to the wall, and entering for a chance to win $150 prize will be coming in the near future. Check the Bethel PTO Facbook page later this weekend for more details!
Start asking your friends, relatives and co-workers if they are interested in purchasing an Entertainment Book this year.

Stay Safe, Speak Up for School Safety

Your child will be bringing home a flyer about our school service that allows for a student or parent to go online or call when an issue needs to be brought to our attention. Many of the elementary parents choose to contact the principal directly, but this is another avenue if you choose to take it.

Call 1-866-547-8362
Visit the district website and click on the SPEAK UP icon

Picture Day – Friday, August 29th

This coming Friday, August 29th, will be school picture day. Packets have or will be sent home with your child if you would like to place an order for school pictures. Make sure you filll out the order form completely and include payment on Friday. All students will have their photo taken for the yearbook and school records purposes. In your information packet, you have more selections if you choose to go online at and use the school code KEO14082Q0

1 Hour Library Volunteer Needed

We would love to have a parent or community volunteer give us one hour of your day to help assist with restocking shelves and while the kindergarten children visit the library for book check out during the week.

This volunteer position would require assistance each day from 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. in our elementary library. 

If anyone would be interested in helping our librarians and children out during this one hour time block, please contact Miss Petty.  We would be very grateful.

Release of Educational Information




This is a message from the U.S. District Court in the case identified above. This notice may apply to you if you are a student or the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in an Ohio public school since 2013.


The purpose of this notice is to inform you that, as part of a lawsuit related to funding for

special education, a request has been made to the Ohio Department of Education for educational information regarding individual Ohio public school students. The purpose of this notice is to inform you about the request, about the information to be disclosed, and about your right to object to the disclosure of the information. The information that will be provided includes data for all Ohio students attending a school district or community school for the 2013/2014 school year. Some examples of the types of data include: a student identifying number; demographic information, such as school, grade,

gender, race, age, and disability category; attendance statistics; information on suspensions and expulsions; and results on state tests such as the Ohio Graduation Tests, the Ohio Achievement Assessments, and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Your student’s name, address, and social security number will not be disclosed because the Ohio Department of Education does not possess that information. Once disclosed, the information is protected by an order of the court, and cannot be used for any purpose other than this litigation. No information will be disclosed beyond the participants in the litigation in a way that allows an individual student to be identified.


If you do not object to the disclosure of information described above, you do not have to

do anything.  If you object to the disclosure of information described above and you want to inform the Judge of your objection, you must do all of the following:


1. Write a letter to the Judge telling him what you object to;

2. On the first page of your letter, write in large or underlined letter:                       “OBJECTIONS TO DISCLOSURE OF FERPA INFORMATION IN DOE V.                         STATE, Case No. 91-464.”

3. Mail your letter to:


Clerk’s Office: Judge Watson’s Docket

U.S. Courthouse

85 Marconi Boulevard

Columbus, Ohio43215


A parent or guardian may object on behalf of a minor student, but must state in the

objection the relationship that he or she has with the affected minor student.




You may also include your contact information such that the Court or the parties’ counsel

may contact you to discuss your concerns. Objections must be received no later than September 12, 2014. All objections will be maintained by the Court under seal, which means they will not be available to the public, but they will be available to the parties’ attorneys.

What an exciting time! Miss Wolford is getting a junior high musical started this year. We have lots of talented young people at the junior high level who will make great stars. Good luck to everyone who auditions and best of luck to Miss Wolford and the eventual cast for a great first production. You can’t get any better than School House Rock!
BETHEL JUNIOR HIGH MUSICAL AUDITIONS for the Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st production of School House Rock will be held August 25th and 26th. Dance clinics will be held August 21st and 22nd. For more information,