Early Dismissal Reminder

early dismissals

Early Dismissal Reminder!

Just a reminder that all Bethel students will be dismissed 1 hour early on December 17, 18, and 19. Bethel Elementary will be releasing at 2:15 PM Wednesday-Friday, and Bethel Junior High and High School will be releasing at 1:30 PM Wednesday-Friday.
Best of luck to all students taking exams! Have a wonderful break!



We are proving a few reminders about the LUNCH MONEY issues we are still having.

–We cannot transfer money from one child’s account to another

–Your child cannot use a sibling’s account number due to government monitoring of our lunch program

–It can take up to 2 hours for any new monies you attempt to put on your child’s lunch account to be available for purchasing (when using the PAY FOR IT program online)

Please make it a habit to check your child’s account on a weekly basis.  These issues are holding up the lunch lines, tying up the secretarial staff to make calls, and adding unnecessary stress to some children.

Thank you voters!!!!

thank youThank you Voters!!!


We would like to say “THANKS” to all of our voters for renewing the EMERGENCY TAX LEVY!

We appreciate your support of Bethel Local Schools and look forward to working with you in the future!


Food service programAttention Parents

This is a reminder to please make sure your child has lunch money each day they are going to buy lunch. We no longer have a charge or borrowing policy. You can send in cash or a check and we can add it to their account or you can go online to our new Payforit.net and add money online. If you create an account online your can get on at any time to review their balance. If  you do use the online method, please remember that it takes about 2 hours for the money to show up. Please take this into consideration when adding money before lunch time.If you child does not have money for lunch we will be sending them to the office to call a parent to bring lunch money up to the school.

Thank you,

The Cafeteria Staff

Community Forum #4 – Facilities Master Plan

FacilitiesPlease click the link below to view the Facilities Master Plan as of October 13, 2014

Master Plan 10/13/2014





Superintendent’s Beehive Buzz for October 2014

Behive buzzing

Superintendent’s Beehive Buzz

October 6, 2014

 The word that best describes the fall is change.   Swim suits and towels have been replaced with jeans and book bags, cookouts with school lunches and movies and video games with homework and sports practices.  Lockers will soon be jammed full of coats, scarves and hats as the trees change from lush green to vibrant oranges, reds and yellows. The landscape will also change…harvested fields will be replaced with snow and election signs.  Yes, I did say, election signs!  It’s that time of year once again when the community is asked to find its way to the polls to choose governors, state senators and congressmen, support local initiatives and vote for school levies. Very shortly you will start seeing election signs and receiving mail about a school tax renewal for Bethel Local Schools.  We are asking our voters to graciously support the NO NEW TAX Renewals on November 4 at the polls.  Since these renewals will not cost the tax payers any additional money over the next four years, the Board of Education decided to place both the Emergency Levy and Earned Income Tax renewals on the ballot at the same time.  This way, the voters will only have to vote once over the life of both renewals. Both of these renewals generate nearly 1.6 million general fund monies per year.  The Emergency Levy brings in about $530,000 per year with the Earned Income Tax (.75%) collecting about 1.1 million dollars.  Presently, Bethel Local Schools only receives 3 million dollars from the state to assist with the 9 million dollar budget needed to keep the district running efficiently; the renewal monies help to offset these operating costs.  Sensitive to its community and taxpayers, the Board emphasizes that there be no new taxes collected in the renewal nor will those individuals on fixed incomes such as our senior citizens be asked to contribute more than they have contributed in the past.  The revenues from the Earned Income Tax levy will only grow as the number of residents moving into BethelTownship grows. The money collected from these renewals touches every area of the district from books to facilities.  It provides students with positive learning environments and the materials needed to grow and succeed on a daily basis.  In addition, it helps to maintain the nearly century old building occupied by elementary students as well as provides the extra classroom space to accommodate the influx of students to our district.  It will also be used to create new learning opportunities for students, provide a more updated and innovative technology infrastructure, purchase new curriculum and textbooks and remodel classrooms and bathroom facilities.  And that’s only the beginning!  Your generosity will enable Bethel to move forward in creating a 21st Century school environment and enable our students to be competitive in a global world!

Speaking about more changes this fall…..you won’t want to miss the Community Meeting on October 13 at 6:00 PM in the elementary auditorium to find out “the latest and greatest” developments with the building project!  The architects, construction managers, owner’s representative and board members will be there to let you know what they have been doing these past few months, what’s ahead and answer your questions if there is time!   You’re also more than welcome to stay for the monthly board meeting at 7:00 PM following the construction update!   Hope to see you there!



Superintendent’s Beehive Buzz September 2014

Behive buzzing

Superintendent’s Beehive Buzz

September 24, 2014


Although the past few weeks have been fast-paced and buzzing with activity, Bethel Local Schools seems like it is finally settling into the routines of school.  For many of you, those routines bring with it a variety of emotions as you try to manage homework, fundraisers, sports practices, music practices, games and five different schedules all at one time!  And just in case you didn’t know or have forgotten, Progress Reports should be arriving this Friday, September 26, on your doorstep via your child’s book bag and/or other forms of interesting transportation!  Also, be sure to check out our website to read the weekly newsletters that our principals have been sending through email to parents and interested community members.  If you would like to be a part of their mailing lists, just email your address to the respective principal and/or call their office requesting to be placed on the newsletter list. The more, the merrier!


As I have been out in the community getting to know people, two repeating themes with many questions seem to creep into the conversations: building project and open enrollment.  Let’s tackle open enrollment first.  At the present time Bethel Local Schools does participate in the state’s open enrollment program (B.P. 5113).  This program allows for students from other districts to enroll in the BethelLocalSchool District as long as there are seats available without increasing District expenditures for staff or equipment.  The state money for these students comes out of the home district’s budget and follows the students to the district in which they are enrolling.  At the present time, the district has nearly 46 Bethel students participating in open enrollment to other districts and 25 in community school programs; this means that $462,074.00 is leaving our general fund and being transferred into the treasury accounts of other surrounding districts and community school programs. (I certainly hope you are thinking what I am thinking at this moment…That’s one big stash of cash!). In order to recoup the loss of this money from our general budget and save our taxpayers from carrying this burden, we have allowed students from other districts to come to Bethel only in those grade level classes where numbers may be smaller than the normal size. Presently, we are bringing in $561,820.00 from other districts by allowing the open enrollment program at Bethel.  By doing this, the other districts aren’t the only ones benefitting from participating; we are, too!  In fact, we made money this year which helps us pay for those unexpected expenses and surprises that come along the way,
especially in an older building like ours!  This spring the administrators from the building will meet with me to determine how many students we could possibly take for the 2015-2016 school year in the Bethel district.  With all the new residential building occurring in BethelTownship, it’s sometimes difficult to make accurate projections!  But be assured, that we will limit open enrollment to only those classes where we are not seeing huge growth and there is definitely room!  This year there were several grade levels in the elementary in which we had to add an extra section; it is important to realize that those additional students were not connected to open enrollment but to the number of new families moving into Bethel!  Excitedly,

Bethel Local Schools welcomes this growth and readily embraces the changes and challenges that come as we move forward to become a 21st Century school district.


Now about that building project…for the past few months, the Core Team, comprised of the architects, board members, construction managers and administrators, has been working meeting to finalize a plan to present to the community.  Two major issues that needed to be handled before the architects could move forward involved the Ohio Department of Transportation and the reports of the Geotechnical Engineering.  In regards to ODOT, issues arose about the entrances and turning lanes from SR 201.  Just recently, ODOT determined that they will only require a dedicated left turn lane (for those traveling north on 201) and a southbound deceleration lane (for those traveling south on 201).  We will also have to do some road widening immediately in front of the school to accommodate these ODOT requirements.  In addition, Geotechnical Engineering performed soil borings earlier in the summer and identified shallow bedrock in the area of the first planned development, thus the reason for the delay of the construction starting in July.  The architects and their design team immediately went to work to make modifications to the site plan to minimize excavation into the bedrock and still keep the overall site design strategy intact.  With those two major issues out of the way, we are ready to have a Community Meeting to review the site plan development since the summer and the changes made to accommodate the ODOT requirements and the bedrock issues.  On Monday, October 13 at 6:00 PM before the regular board meeting, there will be a public session during which the architects as well as the construction company will provide a building update with finalized renderings and the project’s new schedule and anticipated completion date. If time permits, there will also be a question and answer time at the end of the session. This will be the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered about the project and worry about more important things that are coming….like the fact that the holidays are just around the corner!   Hope to see you at the meeting!


Enough buzzing for the moment!  Enjoy this lovely fall weather we are having!  It’s not going to be long before you start checking for weather delays and cancellations on your television and waiting for ONE CALL messages!



Bus Drivers Needed

Bus Driver


Must hold or obtain a valid class B drivers license with a school bus and passenger endorsement.  Route times can be from 6:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m to 4:30 p.m.  Times vary with each route.   For more information you may contact Gayle Rhoades at 845-9414 ext. 3118 or email rhoadesg@bethel.k12.oh.us.

Applications may be found online by typing employment application in the search area of bethel.k12.oh.us then choose classified application.