BES Building Dedication

Bethel Local Schools Celebrates Newly Dedicated Elementary School Building

A momentous occasion unfolded for the Bethel Local School District as they celebrated the official opening and dedication of its brand-new elementary building. The ceremony held on Saturday, August 19th, marked a significant milestone in the continued Bethel Legacy, as the school continued its commitment to Educate with Excellence.

The dedication was graced by past and present members of the Bethel Board of Education, community members, educators, parents, and delighted students who eagerly explored their new learning spaces. The state-of-the-art facility stands as a testament to the Bethel Local School District's dedication to academic excellence.

"This is a truly historic moment for Bethel," commented Matthew Chrispin, Superintendent of Bethel Local Schools. "For 106 years all of Bethel Local Schools has shared one building with one address, and now it has two."

The Bethel Township School Building, now the Bethel District Office, was built at the now historic location in 1917. Since then, Bethel has undergone several additions to that building to accommodate their growing district. The new Bethel Elementary marks the first new building for the district in 106 years.

"Perhaps the greatest blessing during the project was the willingness of our community members to help out," stated Board of Education President Lori Sebastian while speaking on the number of people behind the Bethel Elementary Building Project, thanking the board members, staff members, and most importantly the community members. 

Among those thanked was Bethel Local Schools Treasurer Tina Hageman, for her work overseeing the financial aspects of the project. The Bethel Elementary Project was an incredibly large undertaking for the school district, ultimately having a total cost of $30,738,306. 

The ceremony concluded with a ribbon cutting to official mark the opening of the new Bethel Elementary Building, with 4th grade Bethel Student Espen Kitts having the honors.

Bethel Elementary School was designed to create an ideal learning space for students where they are encouraged to learn in creative and collaborative ways. With 44 classrooms, interactive projectors, and sensory lighting, Bethel Elementary School continues the district's commitment to Educate with Excellence.

With its doors now open, Bethel Elementary School is set to become a hub of creativity, knowledge, and growth. Students and educators alike are excited to embark on this next chapter as they continue to write the Bethel Legacy.


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