Reminder! Bethel High School and Middle School have a new Traffic Pattern

Reminder, starting this year student Drop-Off and Pick-Up will be in the back of the school building. During this time, traffic must enter through the North entrance (boulder), drop off or pick up students at the Hive entrance, and continue to the South exit. Traffic must then turn right when exiting the school onto State Route 201 during the designated times. Student drop-off will take place between 7:15am and 7:40am, and student pick-up will be held between 2:30pm and 2:55pm.

Additionally, starting this year vehicles used for student drop-off and pick-up must have a DOPU (Drop-off/Pick-up) tag. To obtain this tag, please fill out the DOPU form, available in each building's main office or here:, and return them to your building office and a DOPU tag will be issued accordingly.

Please see the map below for a visualization of the traffic pattern for the drop-off and pick-up.