2023 Homecoming Court

Congratulations to Bethel High School's 2023 Homecoming Court!

Congratulations to Juliane Flaker, Sean Phipps, Abigail Murlin, Grant Bean, Jenna Herzer, Carter Couch, Zoie Drummond, Elijah Alberti, Ashley Tuma, Anmol Saini, Abigail Booher, Parkier Bass, Ava Harris, Ethan Wishon, Hayden Farst, and Caleb Brooks!

Freshman Court

Hayden Farst & Caleb Brooks

Sophomore Court

Ava Harris & Ethan Wishon

Junior Court

Juliane Flaker & Sean Phipps



Senior Court


Abigail Murlin & Grant Bean


Zoie Drummond & Elijah Alberti


Abigail Booher & Parker Bass


Jenna Herzer & Carter Couch


Ashley Tuma & Anmol Saini

For more homecoming information, please visit our page available here: https://www.bethelk12.org/page/homecoming