Thank the Bethel Elementary Staff

Staff Appreciation Week is coming up and nothing makes a person feel better than a letter of kindness or a thank you note. Teachers and staff are known for saving them for years to pull out over and over again to remind themselves, especially during hard times, why they do the things they do. We would LOVE it if you, your children, community members, etc. would take a moment to write a few kind words thanking elementary staff members. 

We encourage everyone to fill this form out at least once, but please feel free to fill it out more than once! Submit a new form for each staff member you would like to highlight. Here is a list of Bethel Elementary Staff to assist you. All of our staff members work hard to make Bethel Elementary great. Please complete this form by Sunday, April 25th. We will be printing and delivering all messages to staff during Staff Appreciation Week. If you have any questions, please email Mary Roll ( or Jodi Petty ( for assistance.

Form for submission: