Athletic Updates

Bethel Bees Athletic Department Updates – August 2021

Welcome back to another season of Bethel Athletics! We are excited to welcome back our families, fans and community members to events and want to be sure that after a year away, you are up to speed with the changes that have happened since you last attended an athletic event. Please read all the information below if you plan to attend any of our MS or HS athletic events this fall!


Change in Ticketing for HOME games

The most important change to our procedures this year is our ticketing plan and platform. This school year we will be completely digital for our tickets meaning that there will be NO CASH SALES at any of our athletic events! In addition to buying individual game tickets ONLINE or through the HomeTown Fan Appwe WILL return to selling tickets at the gate but you will need to have a credit / debit card or mobile pay in order to buy a ticket. Below is a link to information on how to buy tickets and passes for HOME Bethel Athletic Events!

2021 – 2022 Athletic Tickets & Pass Plan


Bethel Away Games – Ticket Information

Throughout the year you will likely be traveling to an away game to support the Bees! While traveling to different schools, you will likely encounter many different procedures and ways to buy tickets. In order to help you successfully attend an AWAY game without confusion or too much stress, we have created a resource for our parents, fans and community that lists ticketing information and online ticketing links (where applicable) for all of the schools that you might visit. Please save this link for future reference and as we add more schools, we will keep this updated daily! Click the link below to view this document!

2021 – 2022 Bethel Opponent Ticket Information


Event Parking / Traffic Flow / Athletic Entrances

The link below will provide you a map that will show the Bethel Local Schools Campus. This map and accompanying information will let you know where to park, the path to locate facilities once you leave your vehicle and which entrances to use when attending any of our athletic events! Click the link below to see the map!

All Athletic Parking is located behind the school, accessible by using the northern most entrance of campus. The front lot (and gravel lot to the north) will be used for overflow parking in the event the back lot is full. VERY IMPORTANT! For all Friday Night Varsity Football Games, beginning at 4:30pm, the Bus / Fire Lane is NOT able to be used as a pass through to drop off or pick up students or spectators. You MUST use the north entrance and drop off / pick up in the parking lot after 4:30pm. The loop will be blocked off with cones.

Stadium Entrance – We are using the main stadium entrance for all events. The north gate next to the parking lot is no longer being utilized.

Gym Entrance – You will enter through Door #10 “The Hive” OR Door #4 High School main entrance for all MS & HS Events. For indoor events, there will be signs to help guide you through the building.

Athletic Facility Map – Traffic, Parking & Walkways


Student Sections and Expectations

As we look forward to having our student body return to our athletic events, we ask that you please review this information with your children so that they are aware of what is expected of them when they attend any of our athletic events. We are excited to return to normal with student sections and look forward to them cheering on the Bees but we want to make sure that we are mindful of how we do that in a positive, respectful and organized manner in order to promote school pride and engagement!

  • All students should sit in the designated students sections while the game is being played. Exceptions are made for restroom use or visiting the concession stand.
  • For football games, there will be no “free play” on the ends of the stadium. We are providing student section seating for all of our students K-12.
    • The section at the end of the bleachers nearest the HS will be for MS / HS students. Band will be located in front of MS / HS Student Section.
    • Additional bleachers for EL students will be provided for their use in the north end of the stadium separate from the MS / HS.
  • NO BALLS are permitted! Any balls brought in will taken and kept at the concession stand for pick up at the end of the game.
  • Once inside the stadium, students are not permitted to leave and re-enter. Additionally, students are not permitted to leave the stadium to go to the playground.
  • Inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated. Students can loose the privilege of attending future events and face school disciplinary action for severe infractions.
  • Be respectful of game officials, players, coaches, opposing fans, and facilities.
  • Cheer positively during the introduction of players, coaches, and officials.
  • Cheer positively for their team and to refrain from negative cheering and chants directed toward their opponents.
  • Demonstrate a concern for injured players on either team.
  • Remember that they represent not only their school, but their community and family as well.


If you have any questions, please call the athletic department at (937) 845 – 9414 or email us at:

Athletic Director | Damon Smith

Athletic Administrative Assistant | Julie Gravitt


We are hopeful for a very successful and uninterrupted year for all of our athletes, faculty/staff, families, fans and community members! We look forward to seeing you all at our athletic events to cheer our Bethel Bees on to a victory!