Bethel Music Fund Purchases Instruments

Thank you to the Tipp City Foundation for the purchase of seven Orff Xylophones and 25 Boomwhacker Xylophone kits and mallets for the Elementary Music Program!

Boomwhackers are plastic tubes of varying in length and color that can be hit on the ground, or other objects, to make different sounds and tones. These Boomwhackers, in addition to the cases purchased to turn them into xylophones, allow each student to have their own instrument to practice rhythm and treble clef reading skills. The addition of these instruments will also allow our students to have more practice learning music skills, which will in turn help increase the abilities of our middle school and high school programs down the road.

The Bethel Music Fund used to purchase the instruments was established by the Tipp City Foundation to honor the lives and interests of the late Emmert and Jane Studebaker. Both Emmert and Jane Studebaker played the flute, and Jane was an accomplished organist. Emmert attended Bethel Local Schools for 12 years. The fund was created to help fund the arts at Bethel Local Schools, recognizing the importance of the arts in curriculum and life.

Thank you to the Tipp City Foundation for continuing to be a part of the #BethelLegacy

If you would like to learn more about the Tipp City Foundation, it can be found here.